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AlgoSyn is an IT consulting company located in Roux-Miroir.

The main mission of AlgoSyn is to provide high quality IT solutions to customers for their mission-critical systems, in a wide range of domains, from embedded to large scale systems.

Focus is put on Open Source solutions, when possible.


Object Oriented Technologies

User requirements, analysis, design, implementation, test, integration and deployment, using RUP, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, UML, design patterns.

Languages and Development Tools

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Swing, JOGL, GTK, Qt, wxWidgets (wxWindows), OpenGL.


Design, implementation and test of complex algorithms (image processing, computer graphic, operational research, signal processing, number crunching)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

ESB, web services, JWS, Axis, XFire, webMethods, messages definition, canonical documents, XML schemas, XSLT.


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